Deeds watches the McAuliffe-Moran battle begin.

Tim Craig writes that the Moran and McAuliffe camps are already at each other’s throats, with my punchy friend Jesse Ferguson firing the opening salvo by releasing a collection of some of the most negative reactions to McAuliffe’s candidacy from the media. Craig reports that Creigh Deeds “took a softer approach, welcoming McAuliffe into the race.” Well, yeah.

McAuliffe is no threat to Deeds. But he’s a disaster for Moran. McAuliffe and Moran will be fighting over the same primary votes, while Deeds can work on getting a plurality. Terry McAuliffe may be the best thing to happen for Creigh Deeds in a while.

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3 replies on “Deeds watches the McAuliffe-Moran battle begin.”

  1. I am wondering hard about his. I thought at Warner and Moran were pals. Then after Warner gets elected. Mark Henry goes to work for McAuliffe. He also takes with him a list of media email addresses. And Yes, I agree Deeds just sitting back watching the battle.

  2. From a staffer’s perspective, working for Terry must look very attractive, as he will have the funds to run the campaign you want to run, and not the campaign you have funds to run. And for someone who was Hillary’s number 2, and ran Warner, any of the other campaigns in VA would feel a little small

  3. Well, from this voter‘s perspective; we have a tough choice between two great candidates: Deeds and Moran. They’ll be splitting the votes of those who take the time to do the research before showing up to the polls at a primary election.

    Who is the McAuliffe guy anyway?
    (this is somewhat rhetorical and facetious – but the point is valid)

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