Looking back on the Gore presidency.

In the Guardian, T.A. Frank looks back on the Gore presidency that wasn’t:

I think I started to dislike Gore when he stirred up a media storm after the Feds broke up the terrorist ring conspiring to fly airplanes into buildings back in 2001. He could have let it pass quietly, as Bill Clinton did with the millennium plot arrests in 2000. Instead, Gore held a press conference to milk it for political gain and scare us into a 15 cent per gallon gas tax. But who can afford to pay over a dollar and a half per gallon? No wonder we’re resorting to electric cars these days.

Somebody writes this sort of alternate reality history about Gore-as-president every so often. It mostly depresses me.

Thanks to reader DH for the tip.

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3 replies on “Looking back on the Gore presidency.”

  1. While I’m not here to defend the Bush’s years it’s not reasonable that 9/11 would not have happened if Gore had been president. They hated Gore just as much as they hated all Americans. Also as eco friendly as Gore is the auto labor unions have prevent change as much as management. The case for no war in Iraq is a good one but Gore would have had to start an Afghan war or he would have been a one term president.

  2. Well that will teach me to RTFA before commenting. I’ve read one or two of the more serious alt histories and found them wanting

    Also Cheney being the new president was scary and silly. That man’s med records are a horror show.

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