JJ Dinner Capital Correspondents Association videotape.

Missed the JJ Dinner last week Capital Correspondents Association dinner on Wednesday? Not trusting the neutrality of the descriptions thus far? Style Weekly videotaped the speeches so that you can judge for yourself.

02/16 Update: I’m a moron.

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2 replies on “JJ Dinner Capital Correspondents Association videotape.”

  1. Waldo, I thought you were just being funny! I seriously thought it was like an early April Fools Joke. You’re not a moron. You just have a LOT going on. It’s darn near impossible to edit one’s own work without an occasional error.

    And anyway, I did love the clip. It was over the top. Even more so because I went to it expecting serious JJ Dinner speeches. Thank you for the great laughs, seriously!

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