Ben & Jerry’s has a new flavor, honoring Barack Obama, named “Yes Pecan!” Reddit asks what would President Bush’s flavor be named? My favorites:

  • Cluster Fudge
  • Heckuva Job Brownie
  • Constitution Crumble
  • ImPeach Mint
  • Iraqi Road
  • Grape Depression
  • George Bush Doesn’t Like Dark Chocolate

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10 replies on “Mmmm….constitution…”

  1. You can already buy ImpeachMints, in many shop in DC (although the mints are not as omnipresent as the lifesize cardboard cutouts of Obama for you to pose with. God, I’m glad I left town to go back to school.). They are peach flavored mints with a cartoon of Bush on the lid and are as horribly obvious and not-tasty as they sound.

    I like “Constitution Crumble,” but I question the “crumble” part. Can something crumble if the administration just ignored its existence from the get-go? Wouldn’t the most appropriate “constitution/civil liberties” (“or hell,” she said, steeling herself for commentary from Will, “George W. Bush in general”) related flavor be, um, hmmm, an empty container? Simple, elegant, not as subtle as it could be, but low-cost. :)

    But if we must do something, I really must insist that any submission include pretzels.

  2. National EmbarrassMint.

    No really, I’ve got a tin of the damned things around here somewhere. A republican gave them to me.

  3. Heckuva Job Brownie is hilarious, and my laughing at it makes up for my crying over that killer-sad dog story of Bill Emory’s that you linked to.

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