RPV claims Tim Kaine is breaking campaign finance laws.

In their latest e-mail, the RPV complains about Tim Kaine:

Later this month, he’ll be walking the red carpet and rubbing elbows with the nation’s elite liberal jet-set to host an inaugural ball for Barack Obama. Unfortunately, doing so breaks Virginia laws against raising campaign money during a legislative session (a law fought for and passed by Republicans).

Not true. Virginia’s campaign finance laws prohibit raising money for state elections during session. The State Board of Elections has no jurisdiction over federal elections. Tim Kaine can raise all the money that he wants for Barack Obama during session. You can just smell the envy in the whole passage in the newsletter about the inauguration. If McCain had won, I don’t doubt they’d be OK with “walking the red carpet and rubbing elbows with the nation’s elite conservative jet-set.” It’s pure hypocrisy.

(And “jet-set”? Really? Why not declare to him be part of “café society”?)

The RPV’s newsletter is worse than useless—it’s a weekly beacon of stupid, an reminder of all that’s wrong with the Republican Party in Virginia. They have a right to their own opinion, but not to their own facts.

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3 replies on “RPV claims Tim Kaine is breaking campaign finance laws.”

  1. Maybe they have a point with “jet-set”. It’s probably easier to get from Richmond to the Arlington Westin if you fly into National and metro/cab over, rather than drive. But the RPV only have themselves to blame, for that.

  2. Can someone please tell me how this is any different than Haley Barbour or Ahnold?

    Don’t they have to walk the red carpet and rub elbows with the nation’s elite liberal jet-set?

    Once again, that nasty double standard problem rears it’s ugly head, just like Putin.

  3. I’m certain you’re correct. Campaign finance violations are a flippin’ snoozefest anyway. Unfortunately, no one (generally speaking) cares.

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