Sen. Deeds on local food and energy.

See, now this is why I like Creigh Deeds. From Hank Bostwick’s interview with Sen. Creigh Deeds at the Star City Harbinger:

SCH: Do you see a growing trend toward regional and local production of both energy and food?

DEEDS: Absolutely . . . one of the most important recent works of nonfiction is The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. Everyone should read it. Local production of both food and energy, as you say, is integral to solving environmental problems and to ensuring a healthy and wholesome food supply . . . this point cannot be understated . . .

I’ve blogged extensively about local food production and local energy production, and they’re both topics of great importance to me. Better still, Creigh’s background is from perspective of supply—energy and food farming—rather than demand, and I think that’s where the emphasis needs to be right now.

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