The RPV Advance is filtering out Shaun Kenney’s blog.

Shaun Kenney, liveblogging the RPV “Advance” at The Homestead, writes that attendees have been barred access to his site:

Wow. Apparently, my site really doesn’t come up if you’re at the Homestead Resort (at least if you want to see the site — RSS feeds still come streaming through). Apparently upon investigation, someone asked for it to be blocked, then spoke too much and now won’t tell me a thing… interesting.

Shaun’s proposal for overhauling the RPV is the most sensible thing to come from Virginia Republicans in a decade. A lot of it is inside baseball, even for folks who follow Virginia politics pretty closely, but apparently it’s threatening enough to somebody that they had him cut off. He also writes, in his liveblog today, that it didn’t occur to anybody at the RPV in advance to provide WiFi, there are no accommodations for media, Frederick has barely survived last night’s executive committee meeting (a 75% vote is necessary to remove him), and that there are calls for the heads of those who oppose Frederick as chair.

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5 replies on “The RPV Advance is filtering out Shaun Kenney’s blog.”

  1. At least they’re at The Homestead on the party’s dime. Might as well enjoy the food, the spa, and the views – nothing else seems to be going well.

  2. My house is about three minutes from The Homestead. I stuck my head outside last night hoping to hear the sounds of pained sobbing resonating from the executive committee meeting. I was disappointed when I finally realized there would be none.

  3. @ Johnny

    Perhaps you were like the Grinch waiting for the Hoos down in Hooville to all go “Boo-Hoo.” You’ll be waiting a while. We’ll be back.

  4. Pretty childish behavior by RPV. The irony is that RPV will filter out the respectful voice of a friend, while taking no action against self-serving 10th District Chairman Jim Rich.

    And Waldo, you are correct. While I’m sure the Party incurs costs, no one goes for free.

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