Rep. Jefferson loses in runoff.

Corrupt Louisiana congressman William Jefferson has been tossed out on his ass by the voters. Rep. Jefferson is best known for the $90,000 that the feds found in his freezer; Jefferson denied that it was bribe money, apparently thinking people would believe that he just keeps enormous amounts of money in his icebox. The district is only 11% Republican, but that didn’t stop the nine term Democrat from getting the hook. The pathetic thing is that they reelected him in 2006. At least they got the message eventually.

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3 replies on “Rep. Jefferson loses in runoff.”

  1. Don’t you keep all your cash in the freezer?

    Anyway, good riddance. As a die-hard Democrat, one of the two seats I WANTED the Republicans to win this cycle. I just hope Mr. Cao enjoys his single term in Washington.

  2. I think it’s exciting that the guy who beat him is a Vietnamese-American (Ahn Cao). I find Louisiana fascinating with it’s habit of electing members of smaller minorities: Bobby Jindal (Indian) & Harry Lee (Chinese) are of course the main ones that come to mind. But really, what other states can boast that, even California? And it seems like such a sidenote, which I like even more. Though LA has some seriously sketchy politics and government, I hope the rest of the country emulates them in this one aspect.

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