Goode floundering before foundering.

Quoth Tom Perriello on December 11th:

Our brave troops serving overseas absolutely deserve to have their voices heard and their votes counted in this election and all elections as they fight for our Democracy. That is why I strongly believe that those military ballots in question that arrived late and were held aside should be included in the vote count of Virginia’s 5th District. I have consistently and fervently expressed my support for our troops, whether through my work as a national security analyst in advocating better strategies in Iraq and Afghanistan, or by my early support of Senator Jim Webb’s 21st Century GI Bill.

And from the Progress today:

In a statement Tuesday, Goode’s campaign criticized Perriello for only offering his “faint support” for counting the disputed ballots.


Perriello’s court filing, however, still insisted that the disputed military votes be counted.

“Nonetheless,” it concluded, “to avoid any further politicization of this issue, and because Congressman-elect Perriello values the contribution and sacrifices made by members of the military, he agrees that such votes should be counted in this recount.”

It’s just hours before his obvious defeat, and Goode’s telling lies. That’s OK—soon enough he’ll just be a bad memory. Good for Brian McNeill for not just printing Goode’s claim, but actually comparing it to the court filing.

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2 replies on “Goode floundering before foundering.”

  1. People have finally woken up to Virgil’s game-playing and anything to win attitude. That is an attitude that says, if things are not going your way, lie about it.

    I am not sure if he lies to make himself feel better, or if he does it because he thinks that’s what his base expects from him.

    Goodbye Virgil Goode.

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