Don’t average voters deserve a little representation?

Here’s the thing about Rep. Robert Hurt: he’s a perfectly average congressman. It’s tough to campaign against average. There’s a reason why just a shade less than 100% of Congressmen seeking reelection are successful: they keep their mouths shut and try not to do anything, while their staff dutifully arranges tours of the Capitol, mails […]

Links for June 7th

Chris Frashure: Virgil Goode Running for President?Remember when Goode was a Democrat? Remember when he was an independent? Remember when he was a Republican? Well, now he's a member of the Constitution Party, and he wants to run for president. This should be hilarious. ThinkProgress: Herman Cain Pledges Not To Sign Any Bill Longer Than […]

Bell accuses Perriello of negative campaigning.

Del. Rob Bell, quoted in today’s Daily Progress: [W]e can all remember how negative mailings filled with innuendo and personal attacks helped defeat Virgil Goode in 2008. Does anybody have the faintest idea of what he’s talking about? I’m not aware of a single such mailing going out. Rep. Tom Perriello ran a very clean […]

Goode declines to run for his old seat.

While winding my way home from Saratoga Springs this morning I was surprised to get word that Virgil Goode won’t be challenging Rep. Tom Perriello. (Or, parsing his words strictly, he won’t be seeking the Republican nomination to challenge Perriello.) This ought to result in a quick flood of folks announcing their candidacy for the […]

Goode to make up his mind on a Perriello challenge soon.

Mickey Powell writes for the Martinsville Bulletin: Former congressman Virgil Goode Jr. said Thursday he plans to decide soon whether to run again for the 5th District U.S. House of Representatives seat. The veteran lawmaker, a Republican from Rocky Mount, said his decision is “not too far off,” but “I haven’t set an iron clad […]

Goode is positioning himself for a rematch.

I’ve been chewing over the news of Virgil Goode’s (potential) candidacy against Rep. Tom Perriello for the past 36 hours. Goode has filed to run, although he told The Hill: “I’m filing that because a few people have sent me donations.” (Translation: “I’m thinking about running, and I’ve raised some money to that end.”) I […]