How the Fifth was won and where it got us.

Lloyd Snook explains the years of ground work that were necessary for Tom Perriello to win here in the Fifth District.

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  1. The 5th was won for Tom Perriello by several factors including Tom himself, hard work, people running Tom’s campaign, by the efforts of LF and Susan Payne, groundwork by the Democratic Party itself, the sins of the Bush administration and most of all because of the Obama Campaign. The energy, the organization, dedication, hard work-10-16 hrs/day by many with no days off, even the software used, the support from all over the community- a true expression of pure democracy when all citizens participate. This was one of democracy’s finest moments. Anyone who spent just a few minutes in the local Obama campaign headquarters knows. The community itself rose up in positive support, in thousands of ways of this huge undertaking- Taking turns cooking or buying food, driving, donating money/ time/ computers and just plain hard seemingly endless work. Before anyone steps to the microphone claiming credit for what has taken place we need to first thank those, many of whom have now returned to their schools, lives, careers and families –to resume their lives as “The People”
    I have worked in a number of campaigns as far back as Robert Kennedy. Many well funded, some not, many organized and most not well; many dedicated and hard working.
    – But nothing matched this, in love and strength, dedication, cooperation and hope that they could make a difference. They made a difference in one of the most compelling affirmations of the strength and vitality of our Democracy. It still lives. Now it is up to those that were elected by all of this to show themselves worthy of the work, dedication and trust that has been given to them.

  2. Tom Perriello was a highly-qualified and capable candidate running against a representative embarrassment. Congratulations to the citizens of the 5th Congressional District, and thanks. You are an inspiration to the 6th District…and provide a challenge we hope to meet!

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