Headed to Blacksburg.

I’m leaving for Blacksburg in the morning. It’s hard to comprehend today’s events from the safety of my home in Charlottesville. I don’t think it will be any easier in Blacksburg.

This trip will be for work. If any of my Virginia Tech or Blacksburg readers are interested in talking (on the record or on background) while I’m in town tomorrow, please let me know.

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  1. Hey Waldo,

    I’m so sorry about the shootings at Tech. I know you recently graduated, and this has got to be hell for you. Anything any of us can do to help please post when you find out the details.

  2. I am alive, and was never in any danger of otherwise today. In that regard I am great. If Facebook is any guide, all of those who I know at VT are uninjured, a few people are only well because they barricaded their door well enough and were lucky enough not to be hit by the bullets that passed through the classroom. Of course, I won’t sleep well until I can see the list of the deceased.

    I’m reminded very much of how we all felt on September 12th — we all wanted to do something, but there was nothing to be done. There was no need to give blood. Nothing was asked of us, and nothing was done. This time I’m not sure that anything can be asked of us. All we can do is be sad.

  3. I’m nearly 14 years removed from VT, but today’s news hit me like a ton of bricks. Damn.

    (Virginia Tech Physics, 1991-1993)

  4. Another process of grief, as if we didn’t have enough to go around.

    If there is anything the victims and their families need, please let us know so we can help in that way. I know it seems hopeless, but we all have to help in some way to be able to even process these horrible events.

    Keep hope, Waldo, and remember that those of us who remain must now work harder for a sane and just society. I am not sure what will work anymore, but we will find a way.

  5. Waldo — thank you in advance for embarking on this trip and reporting back to those who want to know what you find. I know this will be particularly difficult for you. Be safe.

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one hitting Facebook today. The people I’ve known there are well out of harm’s way (one isn’t even on this continent), but given the popularity of that school from this area, I’m guessing we will probably be affected in some way.

  7. I got to see the first half of the Convocation at Tech on TV and thought it was tremendous. The lengthy applause and standing ovation the crowd gave Steger served as a slap to those in the media seeking to place blame elsewhere than on the killer who killed. Kaine, speaking without notes and who must have been incredibly jet-lagged, was very impressive. He made me proud to be a Virginian. And Buch, though I realize he’s not terribly popular here, was also stellar. Certainly not the speaker that Reagan or Clinton were during their presidencies, but the mantle of the office makes it easier for a president to command respect and attention. It was right and decent of him to go to Blacksburg, and I’m glad he did.

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