Malkin, Gibson blame gun laws.

Neither the dead nor the shooter have been identified yet — really, we know nearly nothing at this point — and already Michelle Malkin and John Gibson have declared that Virginia Tech is at fault for banning guns from campus. By noon today I knew that the school’s ban on handguns would be a political football before long. Malkin and Gibson couldn’t even wait long enough to get a body count before politicizing these murders.

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  1. Funny, a New Yorker on blamed it on Virginia’s “gun culture.” I just need time to think…I am tired of the speculation and the accusations already, and I’m sure we’ll all be hearing them for months.

  2. Waldo,

    You can’t be serious. There was a press release from the Brady Campaign bunch put out not 2 hours after the tragedy unfolded. I refuse to believe that you’re trying to pin “politicization” of this event on we Conservatives so sloppily.

    (For the record: there’s plenty of politicization going around. Neither party is flawless, both have participated. There is, however, no need for us to jump up and point fingers like it’s 4th grade all over again.)

    Sorry if I sound harsh, sir. I expect better from you, the intelligent Democrat. :)


  3. Brian, I’ve had no electricity today. My exposure to the news has been very limited. I have no idea of who has said what, and I can’t possibly keep track. The only instance of politicization that I have seen is the one that I mentioned in my blog entry. I’ve accused no side of doing anything, only wrote up the one instance that I read. I only know what I know. There will surely be many instances of all sides in the gun debate saying stupid shit before the sun sets again.

    I have to finish packing and go to bed.

  4. Personal opinion – gun control laws or the lack of them probably would not have done a whole lot today.

    Brian L,: Waldo doesn’t need (or I’m sure want) me to speak for him, but it seems you could give him a freakin’ break today, OK? If you want to debate the issue right now, go to The Daily Whackjob or something, but you’ll have to get in line (sorry, not techie inclined enough to link at this point).

    I can’t help but think about how impossible it will be for a whole lot of people to get past the whole thing. Folks lost their kids and siblings. Whew.

  5. Yes, the real problem here is Virginia’s draconian anti-gun policies. Please.

    Does anyone really think a gun ban on a college campus could be effectively enforced? When I was an RA it was all we could do to enforce fire code by keeping out the candles and halogen lamps.

  6. Waldo, I understand completely. Please do have a safe trip! :)

    Displaced, I am in no way interested in debating or otherwise arguing the topic. I was doing my best to point out that now probably isn’t the best time to start dragging names into the mud for “politicizing” this tragedy.


  7. Yeah, this crap pisses me off in the same way that the pop psychologists blaming videogames for this do. It’s people using others’ tragedies to advance their own careers, and it’s really sickening.

    And yes, this goes for those on both sides of the gun debate who’re placing blame at this early hour.

  8. “Yeah, this crap pisses me off in the same way that the pop psychologists blaming videogames for this do. It’s people using others’ tragedies to advance their own careers, and it’s really sickening.”

    Wait a second, I thought it was Marilyn Manson that was responsible?

  9. Michelle Malkin actually thinks that every college student should bring a gun to school? Sounds like Iraq. Next thing we know the NRA is going to push for the rights of 3rd graders to carry bazookas around school.

  10. I just feel so bad for the Tech students, victims and all the rest. Such an awful thing to have to muddle through. I really can’t be bothered with the politics. It’s all such bullshit anyway.

  11. lots of folks on every side were politicizing this from the very beginning, from the right and from the left. And it was ugly.

    I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard or read a million mom marcher (setting aside that was a couple hundred thousand) complain how lax gun laws caused this.

  12. Just my point of view, stricter gun control laws will solve the problem just like all the extra laws that have been passed on drug control and underage drinking, right. Laws do not fix the problem. If someone is going to break the most obvious ones like “DO NOT KILL OTHERS” then why would they obey “DON’T BUY A GUN”.

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