Playing in the snow.

Lady Bird on Defense

Turns out that Lady Bird really, really loves the snow. She and Annie went out and played in it this afternoon. Amber took pictures. I watched from inside.

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8 replies on “Playing in the snow.”

  1. Awesome photos! Most dogs I’ve met love playing in the snow. We humans should learn from them to appreciate the white stuff more.

  2. Your foster dog looks like my purebred beagle–so cute, mine is 5 now, he wandered into my neighborhood and was eating my neighbors’ dogs food, took 2 months to get him to let me bring him in the house, now he’s a completely spoiled house dog who has even adapted to my move into town well. Someone adopt this foster dog! You won’t be sorry.

  3. Well done Amber! A delightful set of pictures.

    Looks like Annie enjoys her older sister.
    You aren’t going to separate them, right?

  4. I’m not sure that we have any choice. We’ve had exactly one person inquire about adopting her, a couple of months ago, and nothing drives a would-be adopter away like the word “coprophagia.” There’s just not a lot of demand for elderly, non-housetrained, feces-eating, perennially terrified beagles.

    Good thing she’s cute. :)

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