Final mix of “Thank God Virginia’s on Our Side.”

There’s been a lot of interest in Brady Earnhart’s Marshall/Newman amendment song, “Thank God Virginia’s on Our Side,” even though the available MP3 was just a rough mix The Naked Puritans’ Lance Brenner e-mailed me last night with an update:

About an hour ago I completed a new mix of Thank God Va’s on Our Side. It’s up on Brady, Chris and I finished off the backing vocals today and then I helped Brady put down a guitar solo. We tracked it live last week with me on drums and recording duties, Brady on guitar and lead vocals, Chris Ruotolo (my wife & NPs and Thrum bassist) on bass and backing vox, and Paul Curreri on extra guitar and backing vox.

The song can be downloaded as an MP3.

I believe we have ourselves an anthem.

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