Charlottesville Blog Carnival.

I’m hosting this week’s Charlottesville Blog Carnival. I was supposed to do it last week, but I suck. So this one is made with extra…um…love. Or something.

Rick Sincere has a great idea: AAA for homeowners. The comments contain some useful tips of some equivalents—seems like a great service.

Dan Kachur wants you to volunteer for one of the Democrats running for federal offices—Al Weed (challenging Rep. Virgil Goode) and whomever wins the Democratic nomination to challenge Sen. George Allen (Jim Webb or Harris Miller). He’s prepared to convince you to do so.

Charlottesville Podcasting Network provides Coy Barefoot’s interview with The Hook’s Courteney Stuart about George Seymour, the Charlottesville businessman charged with killing his neighbor’s cat.

KC bumped into John Goodman. She’d encountered him before, living in New Orleans pre-Katrina, but had to travel clear to C’ville to encounter the NoLa favorite son.

Both Duane Gran and Helena Cobban saw famed neoconservative thinker Francis Fukuyama speak at The Miller Center on Monday, and each provide thoughtful write-ups of Fukuyama’s comments, along with their reactions. Neither are inclined to agree with Fukuyama; Helena goes so far as to say that his latest book “may well stand as a first draft of [neoconesrvatism’s] obituary.”

Jennifer provides a lecture on the value of prenuptual agreements and applicable Virginia law.

All of Bill Emory’s photos are awesome, so I arbitrarily selected his portrait of Hemma when they were young’uns. I love the expression of the twin on the left.

B.A. Pillmore provides a gorgeous photo of a gnarled, long-dead tree. (B.A. is — and I hope he won’t mind my saying this — related to the late, great geologist Chuck Pillmore, discoverer of the only known T. Rex footprint and the non-marine K-T boundary, among many other things. He was really a one of a kind guy.)

Anoop Ranganath is up to his ninth installment of reviewing his dining experiences, this week eating his way from C’ville to Alabama. Sounds like Charlottesville’s food wasn’t bad, but Alabama’s was awesome. Next week he’ll write up his dining experiences in Charleston, SC.

The Virginia Film Festival’s Richard Herskowitz updates us on his selection of films for this October’s event. “The Hole Story” sounds like a great film — if that’s going to be playing this year, I’ll certainly see it.

Outskirts’ “DocMultimedia” has, to everybody’s great surprise, found much to dislike in the City of Charlottesville’s new website [1,2]. (To be fair, I’m not thrilled with it, either.) Of course, even if it were a really great website, he’d just be angry that it’s too good and that the city should have spent its money on something of greater import, like freeing us from the evil clutches of CRT-based ATMs.

John Dove at ScamperDude is circulating a petition to tighten up animal cruelty laws in the wake of the shooting death of an Albemarle family’s cat.

Scott Jolly borrowed a BMW 330i for the day and hated it. The car was fine — it was how other drivers treated him that sucked.

Joe provides a copy of Buckminster Fuller’s fifty word telegram to Isamu Noguchi explaining Einstein’s theory of relativity. Turns out it makes even less sense in fifty words.

Lexi tried to quit blogging, but it didn’t take. I knew she couldn’t stay away.

Patience’s home renovations are coming along, if sobbing on the floor of her new room qualifies as “coming along.” Then again, it is drywall.

Chris Makarsky is following TV networks’ lawsuit against Cablevision for their remotely-hosted DVR. The result may dictate the future of television.

“Oh Bee Juan” saw James Brown play in town last night; I get the sense it was a puzzling show. The part where he gave a shout-out to “West Virginia” seems like trouble.

Next week…uh…I don’t know who’s gonna host the C’ville Blog Carnival. I forgot to find somebody.

Worst. Host. Ever.

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