Paging Dr. Bob Marshall.

If there’s one thing that batshit-crazy Delegate Bob Marshall can always be counted on for, it’s to make shit up. From the AP: Marshall will also push legislation that would hold colleges that distribute the morning after pill liable for any health complications the woman taking it might encounter. “You give a woman a month’s […]

This is how it ends.

I’ve seen a lot of grumbling among my fellow progressives about the complete loss of ethics among Republicans in the U.S. House. First the slap on the wrist that DeLay got for vote-buying a few months ago, and then this week’s news that Hastert is yanking the Republican head of the Ethics Committee and replacing […]

AP: Fallujah destroyed, uninhabitable, and now abandoned by its former residents, leaving 200,000 Iraqis homeless. How they must cherish their freedom.