Paging Dr. Bob Marshall.

If there’s one thing that batshit-crazy Delegate Bob Marshall can always be counted on for, it’s to make shit up. From the AP:

Marshall will also push legislation that would hold colleges that distribute the morning after pill liable for any health complications the woman taking it might encounter.

“You give a woman a month’s worth of the birth control pill in 12 hours, what the hell are you doing for your system?” Marshall asked. “If they’re gonna pass this out like gumballs, they’re gonna be liable for it.”

A month’s worth of birth control pills in 12 hours? Christ almighty, that would be bad. Marshall knows full-well that’s not how emergency contraceptives work. Though it varies, depending on the EC treatment, it’s more like four days worth of pills in 12 hours (such as with the Yuzpe regimen). Nausea for a day or so is the result for many women, but that’s about it.

I’m tempted to draw any number of analogies to explain why Marshall’s proposal is stupid, but there’s just no point. Bob Marshall, Dick Black, and all of those mullahs of Virginia’s radical right go well beyond mere infliction of their religious beliefs on the whole of the populace. They’re recklessly ignorant, and genuinely believe that all birth control should be illegal, women should be forced to bear children as frequently as they have sex and, for that matter, most forms of sex should be (and are) outlawed, anyhow. Hateful, small-minded men like these cannot comprehend explanation, analogies, or attempts to barter. They desire nothing less than the complete subjection of women, and their crocodile tears for the college student made ill aren’t even vaguely convincing.

(Via The Virginia Progressive.)

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