Links for October 27th

The Guardian: Mexico City considers fixed-term marriage licencesThe city is considering offering two-year marriage licenses. Couples would get married, and two years later their marriage contract would end, though they could, of course, renew it. Why? Because so many marriages end after two years, requiring an expensive and trying divorce. I've been forecasting limited term […]

Links for September 27th

Bloomberg: Obama Lawyers Signal Likely Supreme Court Appeal on Health CareThe White House wants to end the federal appeals court rulings on the president's health care reform, and for the Supreme Court to take up the case. That's likely to bring a decision in June, in the middle of the presidential campaign. "President Barack Obama […]

Links for April 12th

PolitiFact: Bob McDonnell says he cut $6 billion from Virginia’s budgetGov. McDonnell keeps claiming that he cut $6B from the budget "by cutting spending, not raising taxes." This is a lie. Spending reductions eliminated just $2.34B from the budget, only slightly more than the $1.9B of funding provided by federal stimulus dollars. (Apparently, federal stimulus […]

Links for March 2nd

The Gavel: 0—Number of Republicans Who Voted To Cut Taxpayer Subsidies for Big OilWhether we should continue to subsidize big oil companies (the world's most profitable businesses, let's remember) came to a vote in the House. Republicans voted unanimously in favor. IT World: Asus motherboard box doubles as a PC caseAsus is going to start […]

The RPV doesn’t dare speak badly of gay rights.

The Republican Party of Virginia sent out an e-mail to supporters today, complaining about President Obama’s nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. Kagan, famously, joined in an amicus brief in a lawsuit fighting the Solomon Amendment, the law that prohibits federal funding to universities that bar military recruiters from their campus. Kagan did […]

Guerilla SCOTUS website redesign.

Speaking of the Sunlight Foundation, they’ve done a guerilla redesign of the Supreme Court website. It looks really nice. That’s the sort of thing that I could definitely see putting some time into, but of course it would require a trend of government entities implementing those designs to make it worth the trouble.