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Links for April 12th

  • PolitiFact: Bob McDonnell says he cut $6 billion from Virginia’s budget
    Gov. McDonnell keeps claiming that he cut $6B from the budget "by cutting spending, not raising taxes." This is a lie. Spending reductions eliminated just $2.34B from the budget, only slightly more than the $1.9B of funding provided by federal stimulus dollars. (Apparently, federal stimulus money is "cutting spending.") The balance of the $6B is bookkeeping chicanery—mere slight of hand.
  • New York Times: The Prosecution Rests, but I Can’t
    John Thompson spent fourteen years on death row for a robbery and a murder, neither of which he committed. Prosecutors knew he hadn't done it—they covered up the ample evidence demonstrating his innocence. If a private investigator hadn't uncovered the conspiracy against him, he'd have been executed by now. In this op-ed, Thompson wonders what to make of a legal system where doing this to him and others is perfectly legal, as the Supreme Court ruled last month.
  • Los Angeles Times: Ikea—Workers’ complaints surround Ikea’s U.S. factory
    Ikea's Danville factory is becoming a national shame in Sweden. The story is par for the course for Virginia—the company is treating workers terribly, allegedly discriminating against black employees, paying employees terribly and providing lousy benefits. The employees have tried to unionize, but a) Ikea is preventing them from doing so—despite their corporate commitment to unions—and b) it's Virginia.

The R&B has endorsed Perriello.

Well, if this isn’t big news, I don’t know what is: the Danville Register & Bee has endorsed Tom Perriello for Congress. There’s no endorsement in the 5th District that’s harder to get, none more important than the R&B’s. As they point out, they’ve endorsed Virgil Goode every two years since 1996.

The editorial board writes that either “Goode is so far out of the American mainstream that his views are politically toxic [or] he doesn’t have the power and the pull to get anything done in Washington.” They agree with his position on immigration, but describe his bizarre attacks on Mexican restaurants and his fellow congressman Keith Ellison as “at best stupid, and at worst, dangerous.” In short, the paper finds that he’s become a member of the angry right, unable to work with his colleagues, self-marginalized to ineffectiveness.

Nobody knows how much of an impact that editorials have on elections. But to the extent to which they indicate the prevailing sentiment of an area, it’s hard to find a much better sign for Perriello’s odds on Tuesday than this. This must be a sad morning in the Goode office.

I just sent another contribution to Perriello’s campaign, $100.