That little waving cat sculpture in Chinese restaurants is called a “Maneki Neko.”

The “beckoning cat” turns out to be Japanese, not Chinese, and is properly rendered as a ceramic sculpture, rather than shiny, gold plastic. It’s beckoning passersby to enter the establishment, although the gesture doesn’t really translate, since in the West, that’s how we wave hello and goodbye. They appear to date to the 1870s. →

Links for March 11th

The Blaze: Does Raw Video of NPR Expose Reveal Questionable Editing & Tactics?This undercover video of an NPR exec is such a hack job that even Glenn Beck is calling foul. Comparing the edited version to the raw video makes obvious that unrelated bits of audio were edited together to make it appear that the […]

Japan’s oyoku sound trucks.

Thousands of right-wing activists in Japan, known as uyoku, drive through cities with sound trucks, blaring threats, taunts, and political messages. These are yakuza-related groups of nationalists who believe in an Emperor-based social order, and apparently black, speaker-covered, military-style trucks are the best way to get that message out. The vehicles are a common sight […]