Japan’s oyoku sound trucks.

Thousands of right-wing activists in Japan, known as uyoku, drive through cities with sound trucks, blaring threats, taunts, and political messages. These are yakuza-related groups of nationalists who believe in an Emperor-based social order, and apparently black, speaker-covered, military-style trucks are the best way to get that message out. The vehicles are a common sight on the streets, and are said to have just become a part of the background noise in parts of the country.

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One reply on “Japan’s oyoku sound trucks.”

  1. They were annoying in the late 1980s, and they were loud even into your home with the windows and doors all closed for bad weather and a loud action movie on, they still blared over any noise we could make in the house.

    Really damned annoying, but at least most people in Japan ignored their nonsense. At least in the 1980s… I gather their supporters are growing slowly.

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