Rep. Schrock…he likes the penis.

Very, very conservative Republican Rep. Ed Schrock (VA-02) withdrew from his reelection race today, citing allegations that he wouldn’t specify. Those allegations? It turns out that this co-sponsor of the “Family Marriage Amendment” and vocal anti-gay representative of Virginia Beach has been soliciting gay sex on telephone dating services. It turns out that those conversations […]

Kilgore’s magic-computer warning.

Writes Virginia Attorney General Jerry Kilgore (PDF), in his and his fellow attorneys general new fight against computer-to-computer communication: P2P file-sharing technology can allow its users to access the files of other users, even when the computer is ‘off’ if the computer itself is connected to the Internet via broadband. Shoo-whee! That must be some […]

Virginia is for haters.

After last week’s ban on civil unions in Virginia, a website has sprung up supporting a boycott on Virginia-based businesses. Virginia is for Haters (the name is a play on Virginia’s well-known and no-longer-accurate “Virginia is for Lovers” tourism slogan) proposes starting the boycott with J. Crew. Why boycott J. Crew? Well, Virginia seems to […]

Matricardi fingers Republican leadership.

Former executive director of the Virginia Republican Party Ed Matricardi has fingered Republican leaders in the ongoing eavesdropping scandal. Matricardi didn’t just name former party chairman Gary Thompson, but also House Speaker Vance Wilkins (who resigned in disgrace earlier this year), Wilkins’ chief of staff Claudia Tucker (resigned in disgrace; pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor), […]