Matricardi fingers Republican leadership.

Former executive director of the Virginia Republican Party Ed Matricardi has fingered Republican leaders in the ongoing eavesdropping scandal. Matricardi didn’t just name former party chairman Gary Thompson, but also House Speaker Vance Wilkins (who resigned in disgrace earlier this year), Wilkins’ chief of staff Claudia Tucker (resigned in disgrace; pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor), and the office of Attorney General Jerry Kilgore (repressed, overcompensating gay man [I speculate]; still in office). Not that it’s any surprise. Evidence has been mounting in the past few years that the Republican party in Virginia is rotten through and through, so none of this should come as any particular surprise to anybody.

I wonder if the party had the good sense to ensure that new party chair Kate Obenshain is in no way connected to all of this? Hampton Roads-area columnist Susie Dorsey thinks that Obenshain was selected for that very reason: the woman is completely unqualified (Dorsey asserts), and therefore probably clean, in this case. We’ll see.

Published by Waldo Jaquith

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