Schrock’s talk.

Quoth now-former Representative Ed Schrock (R. VA-02), in

      the leaked recording (MP3)
of him calling a gay singles line, seeking sex with strangers:

Uh, hi, I weigh 200 pounds, uh, six-foot-four, hazel eyes, blond hair, very muscular, very buffed-up, uh, very tanned, um, I’d just like to get together with a guy from time to time just to — just to play. I’d like him to be, uh, in very good shape, flat stomach, good chest, good arms, well-hung, cut, uh, just get naked, play, and see what happens, nothing real heavy duty, but just a fun time, go down on him, he can go down on me, and just, uh, take it from there. Hope to hear from you. Bye.

At right, for reference, is the 6’4″, blond-haired, buffed-up, tanned Schrock.

Personally, I’ve got no problem with a congressman being gay or having sex with strangers. That’s his business. But loudly deriding gays and lesbians, sponsoring anti-gay bills, and so on? That’s the worst kind of hypocrisy, and he deserves all of the criticism that he receives.

BlogActive, who outed Schrock, says that they’re not stopping with Schrock — they’re going to “move on to the next member of Congress and highly placed officials in the Bush Administration,” outing prominent homosexuals who have worked to entrench discrimination based on sexual orientation. So, who’s next?

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