That “fresh squeezed” orange juice is anything but.

I’m more interested in orange juice than is probably healthy for somebody who doesn’t work in the industry and, as such, I’m excited to see Bloomberg Businessweek shining a spotlight on the horseshit that is "fresh squeezed," "not from concentrate," and "all-natural." These are all lies. It was squeezed months ago. It was concentrated to a point a hair’s breadth from the legal definition of "concentrated." It’s not natural, it’s created in a lab in a process more complicated than Coca-Cola. If you drank the stuff as its stored in giant vats, you’d spit it out—it’s flavorless at best, disgusting at worst. It’s only through adding a cocktail of lab-created flavorings that it takes like something that came out of an orange. Because those lab-created flavorings are based on molecules that are found somewhere—anywhere—in nature, they can be labelled "natural flavors," instead of "artificial flavors." 

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6 replies on “That “fresh squeezed” orange juice is anything but.”

  1. I’m a big fan of juice oranges-which are hard to find in this town. Whole foods is the most reliable but pricey purveyor of the pulpy goodness. The difference between squeeze you own and anything else is dramatic but I would recommend throwing a little vodka in there just to be safe- you know to kill the germs;)

  2. BJ’s always has juice oranges, and at a good price ($3 for 4lbs.)

    I long ago gave up buying orange juice, and instead squeeze two or three oranges for a terrific 6 oz. glass of juice. It taste better, feels like a semi-rare treat, and is healthier because I’m not chugging 12-16 ounces of sugary faux OJ every morning, which I used to do, when I bought gallon jugs of “fresh squeezed not from concentrate Tropicana.” I’ll take a nice, small glass of REAL juice over that crap any day.

  3. I’ve always wondered about orange juice. Occasionally I’ll squeeze a few oranges and one orange makes about an oz. of juice. A glass would cost several dollars. How can they make orange juice so cheap if all it is is oranges, I pondered.

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