Obama’s secret UN-led mind-control plot revealed.

So says Republican leaders in Georgia. The UN! Agenda 21! Rural broadband! RAND! Obama’s 2008 election yielded the Tea Party. His reelection may breed an even stupider brand of nutjobs. 

Published by Waldo Jaquith

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2 replies on “Obama’s secret UN-led mind-control plot revealed.”

  1. and then the GOP says “loonies”??? not us….

    and their second most favorite response:

    well yes.. we have loonies but they are not near as looney as far left loonies.


    “mind control” is an oxymoron for the GOP…

  2. Those are not “cities” they are “Military Bases” where they will undergo Basic Training.

    America is going to “forcibly relocate suburbanites” (and all other citizens) to compulsory military service. No Excuses, No deferments. You can join the Peace Corps, but you have to serve twice as long. We must ensure that fortunate sons (and daughters) have the same privileges to defend the nation that have, until recently, been gifted to others. It is not Fair (or Balanced) that only 1% serve in our military? Especially when Your People asked for the glorious conflict!

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