Government can’t create jobs. Except when McDonnell does it.

A press release from Gov. Bob McDonnell’s office one year ago contained this quote:

If we’re going to lead America’s economic recovery, we have to remember that small business, not big government, creates jobs.

That’s a familiar refrain, heard often during the recent election, most frequently uttered by people seeking a job leading that very government that cannot create jobs.

A press release from McDonnell’s office today:

“The opening of the 495 Express Lanes means opportunity for Virginia,” said McDonnell. “The project not only helped create jobs during construction, but will continue to make Northern Virginia a more attractive place to work and live.”

Last year, McDonnell told us that government couldn’t create jobs. But today, he tells us that, it could and it did. I wonder what happened in the intervening year?

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3 replies on “Government can’t create jobs. Except when McDonnell does it.”

  1. yup. And when you talk sequester and DOD ..the chicken little crowd goes ape shit over all those “lost” govt jobs.

    but I digress – the GOP started talking out of both sides of it’s mouth – some time ago.

  2. Governor Bob uses different sides of his mouth depending on which side of the state he is talking to. Up north he talks all “executive leadership” and “jobs”. Down south he talks about government-mandated ultrasounds of lady parts, abortion and celebrating Confederate history.

  3. ” government-mandated ultrasounds of lady parts,”

    Hey.. how come McDonnell didn’t claim that as govt-created jobs?

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