George Allen says he’s done running for office.

Thank God. What an embarrassment it would have been for Virginia if this casually vicious racist had won. He fashioned himself in the image of the unreformed old southern racists of the 1960s, and never bothered to update his mindset, only how to fake it for brief stretches. In the meantime, Virginia—and the whole US—changed around him. Maybe he can spend even more time now fighting against anti-Semitism, since he told Wolf Blitzer in 2006 that he’d “use [his] time on Earth” to do just that. I wonder how that’s been going in the intervening six years? 

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3 replies on “George Allen says he’s done running for office.”

  1. well jeeze.. virtually 1/2 of Virginia voted for him.

    Allen lost because the black voters were mobilized and voted in big numbers even in precincts where Allen won but the total turnout is what did him in.

    Only 1/2 of Virginia has “moved on”…unfortunately….

  2. The guy started out as a silver spoon legacy puke and through hard work and perseverance turned himself into a self-serving knee-jerking platitude-spewing empty suit. He personifies the reason we need a very heavy Inheritance Tax.

  3. When I first started hearing about Macaca in VA politics I honestly thought it was the Deadskins ex-head coach. Forgot Daddy died. Things are slower in Bristol.

    (from Wikipedia entry)

    That has to be the most vile quotation I’ve ever heard from a politician. His flirtation – if not lifelong infatuation – with the Klan and its trappings is disgusting but makes perfect sense. He just really doesn’t care what people think. Denying his mother’s Judaism was beyond belief to me…aren’t most American conservatives BIG fans of Israel?

    What a perfect heel.

    Again, I don’t get out much and haven’t been near the centers of power in VA since my wife took her 5th grade class to visit Richmond and talk with Gov. Wilder in 1990.

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