A conservative Virginia activist has been sending anti-Obama SMSes.

Jason Flanary, failed 2011 candidate for the Virginia Senate, had Twitter all a-flutter over the past few days after sending bajillions of really nasty anti-Obama SMS messages to mobile phones in total violation of federal election law. “VP Biden mocks a fallen Navy Seal during memorial. Our military deserves better” and “Obama believes killing children is a right until the umbilical cord is cut” were two of the messages. Flanary, a Republican, is on the board of the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, and ran against Dave Marsden for Senate, garnering 46% of the vote. The Romney campaign says that they didn’t know the first thing about what Flanary was up to. Apparently Flanary’s company, ccAdvertising, is in the habit of sending out millions of illegal SMSes in the days before elections, in an effort to influence election outcomes. I’m pretty sure this story will have an unhappy ending for Flanary. 

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  1. The Koch Brothers – Vanilla Takes a Stand

    Hello Waldo and friends.

    My name is Robin Goodrow. I’m an Emmy award winning writer/puppeteer in Northern California. I thought you and your staff might enjoy this. I recently created a short five minute YouTube video with my puppet Vanilla, a four-year-old monkey, to expose racism in America, encourage undecideds and young voters to vote and also expose them to the Koch Brothers. It’s amazing how many people have never heard of the Kochs. Or think Charles and David have something to do with Coca Cola. These two men earn 100 billion dollars A YEAR and are very destructive and hateful.

    This from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. October 29th, 2012. “Karl Rove and the Enron grifter Ed Gillespie, have assembled $200 million from big polluters and Wall Street moguls to buy the 2012 election. Two of the Koch Brothers pledged $130 million to elect candidates who favor unrestrained corporate profiteering. The senators and congressmen they fund represent Koch and it’s oil industry cronies, Big Pharma, and the Wall Street banksters currently mounting a hostile takeover of our government.”

    Below is the direct link to the Vanilla Video. Vanilla is from my children’s television show, BUSTER AND ME (Busterandme.com) which aired for 20 years in Northern California on NBC. This short YouTube video however is NOT for young children. Vanilla gets a little feisty, a real rabble rouser. Actually she’s not nice or polite, and who can blame her, when it comes to the issue of racism and damaging people’s lives and health through corporate greed, Vanilla definitely speaks her mind. But when you think of what she could have said, she is very tame!! Here’s the URL…


    Another way to get there is to go to YouTube and type in The Koch Brothers – Vanilla takes a Stand

    At the VERY end of the video is an amazing, and disturbing quote from Charles Koch. The nauseating arrogance!

    Also at the end of the piece Vanilla calls on all the puppets of the world to rise up and speak out. Two weeks after I made it, a Million Muppet March was announced. It will be in Washington DC on November 3 in response to Romney’s comments about canceling PBS and Big Bird. Thousands of puppets will be marching in the streets. Of course now Vanilla thinks it’s her announcement that caused it. I haven’t had the heart to tell her otherwise!!

    As Noam Chompsky recently said, “The Republican organization is extremely DANGEROUS, not just to this country, but to the world. It’s worth expending some effort to prevent their rise to power, without sowing illusions about the Democratic alternatives.”

    So this is my effort. If you feel so inclined please share Vanilla with others in the vast Internet universe. She’s been told she’s “changed a few minds”, brought “real joy” to many people and “boosted morale”. We CAN still win this thing. Thank you for all your hard work and fighting the good fight. Wishing you all the best.

    Robin and Vanilla (The Hundredth Monkey)

  2. Robin, you’re a moron and my fourteen-year-old sister would notice and say the same thing after just reading your first paragraph (and she doesn’t particularly like the Koch Brothers). You say the Koch Brothers make $100 billion per year. Memo: Bill Gates, the richest man in America, has a net worth of $66 billion according to the latest Forbes ranking. So your stat means that in a single year each Koch Brother makes $50 billion or 75% of Bill Gates’ entire net worth. Ha. Funny.

    Second, I agree the Koch’s have done some shady things, but opposing racism in the Carolinas isn’t one of them. Forced bus’ing of students based upon their race is what the dictionary defines as racism. Yay for the Kochs! I never liked Pepsi anyway.

  3. Robin, instead of dismissing it as drivel, perhaps you’d like to join the reality-based community and source your $100 billion comment.

  4. Thank you for the invitation to join you in reality but I already live there. I found many references to my comment about the Koch’s annual income.

    If you do some research you will find many articles and stories that report the Koch brother’s earnings at 100 billion dollars annually. This is commom knowledge.

    This article below I found online in two seconds talks about their father and how the family income has increased rapidly over the years.

    “Eventually he (the father) returned to America with his new found wealth to concentrate on his empire. He had four sons, Frederick, William, David and Charles. After the death of their father, David and Charles eventually bought out Frederick and William in 1983 for 1.1 billion dollars. By 1967 Charles Koch had been appointed President of Koch Industries and wanted Koch industries to grow and grow fast. His plan was to reinvest all profits back into the company. His plan worked and the company grew so fast, that between the years 1966 to 2008, it shot from $100 million to $100 billion in annual revenues. An astounding 1000 percent increase.”

    This is reality. It wasn’t hard to find. I know Bill Gates makes almost as much money but as far as I know he does good things in the world. He’s very generous. I’m not worried about him. I’m only concerned about the people who do damage to the world and to rest of us and who don’t take responsibility for their actions and have all that money to do bad things with.

    If you did your homework you would realize our country is being stolen out from under us, by the wealthiest, and they want you and I to argue and disagree so we stay distracted as they slowly turn us into a fourth world country. It’s happening whether we like it or not.

    And as far as busing goes…your right it is a shame that people have to be bused to get a good education but unfortunately they do. Having more educated people makes our country stronger and better and that’s a good thing. I also think it can be a good thing for people of all races to meet and mingle and become friends. Otherwise it’s more divide and conquer. Keeping us at each other’s throats.

    If you can go back and watch last night’s Frontline…you’ll see the criminal elements of our country taking over logal goverments for their own selfish purposes, lying and cheating their way into power. Creating Citizens United now allows them to do their dirty work in the shadows with no accountability. This is bad for all of us. When you have nameless faceless people working behind the scenes they can get away with murder and have been for years. I think the Kennedy quote in my first letter says it best.

    I suggest if you haven’t to see the movie The Koch Brothers Exposed. It exposes the heartless greedy men they are. They only care about themselves. Read the quote at the end of my video. That’s real.

    And it’s a fact the Koch’s are the single largest contributors to the Republican Party right now, that’s a fact, and it’s important to know what they want in exchange for all that money. They want Romney to roll back regulations so they can do anything they want even if it screws the rest of us.

    Now that’s reality.

  5. “These two men earn 100 billion dollars A YEAR and are very destructive and hateful.”

    “His plan worked and the company grew so fast, that between the years 1966 to 2008, it shot from $100 million to $100 billion in annual revenues.”

    You’re even more of a moron than I thought if you don’t know the difference between a company’s revenue and earnings (not to mention the difference between a company’s earnings and an individual’s earnings; Koch Industries is not entirely owned by the Koch brothers). I thought you were just trying to be deceptive when you put that wrong number out there, but I see by you coming back to defend it, you actually and honestly don’t know the difference. Wow. Mind blown.

    Fine example of a liberal mind.

  6. You’re right. There is a difference between earrnings and revenue. I agree with you. My mistake. I will correct my statement in the future.

    But that doesn’t change the fact that the Koch brothers are still the second wealthiest men in America and that they are still doing destructive things. It seems to me you get tremendous joy out of calling people morons and provening them wrong instead of educating them. I would think that would make for a lonely angry existence…

  7. Back to the to topic at hand…
    I agree with Waldo that this will not end well for Mr. Flanary, despite the fact that the two SMS spam messages were 100% true statements.

  8. Almost forgot…

    Thank you, Robin, for pointing out the commom knowledge that criminal elements are taking over logal goverments. You are very adept at provening your facts.

    Before you and Vanilla came here, we were lost. But now we’re found. Praise the Goddess!

  9. I. Publius, so nice to see your writing again! One of the things I’ve missed the most about moving to KS and from thence to PA is the VA blogging community. :-D

  10. Boy wonder, Jason Flanary works for a weasel named Joe Gabriel III. In addition to ccAdvertising, Gabriel boasts a long list of corporate aliases; Advantage Research, Free-Eats, Data Research, Election Research, fec Research, fecads, Political Research, and Public Research. He claims to have many more.

    He has been convicted for robo-calling in North Dakota, and been cited for contempt by an Indiana federal judge.

    Joseph Gabriel, punkass, warns: “If someone writes something that I don’t like, I can make their life…I can make them understand a few things if I choose.”

  11. I. Publius, really the text messages 100% true? I know you’re a partisan hack, but this:

    “Obama denies protection to babies who survive abortions”

    Please explain.

  12. Hans,
    that wasn’t directed to you specifically — nothing in this entire comment thread makes the slightest bit of sense to me.

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