You say Missouruh, I say Missouree.

There are two ways to pronounce “Missouri”—neither is right and neither is wrong. It’s become a geographic, political, and generational shibboleth. This article doesn’t mention Nevada, but that’s a state that seems equally divided (“Neh-VEH-duh” versus “Neh-VAH-duh”). 

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8 replies on “You say Missouruh, I say Missouree.”

  1. Also, Oregon: Or-e-ghin v. Or-e-gone (if you catch my nonIPA standard drift) (But I think the “correct” way is to say “Or-e-ghin”.)

  2. Good grief man, you are on the slippery slope of lingocultural oblivion. Calling Neh-VAH-duh, Neh-VAH-duh” is like conceding “Vawh-shing-dawn” to the Germans. There isn’t a Spaniard in the world with any confusion regarding the pronunciation of Nevada.

    We might want to ask the Missouria tribe how to pronounce their name before we take the advice of some modern era settler’s son.

  3. I agree with Hans. The “correct” pronunciation of “Nevada” has the “a” of “cat” in the middle, and I don’t see how you can spell that “eh”.

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