Records about those pardoned Mississippi killers have gone missing.

Earlier this month, in the last few days of his term, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour pardoned five men, including four convicted murderers, who worked in his mansion. The AP FOIAed the records about their pardons and—darnedest thing—there aren’t any. The attorney general says that they’re nowhere to be found. This is headed to court in a couple of weeks. 

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One reply on “Records about those pardoned Mississippi killers have gone missing.”

  1. You know, it was just a few short months ago that ol’ Haley was the darling of Virginia Republicans who waxed on about his “executive experience” and “political skill”. He was slimming down and preparing for a presidential run. Then he wasn’t. Its like he looked around at the current state of the Republican Party, took a deep draw on his whiskey and decided to put a road flare to his conservative legacy. Hey Ron Paul, this is how you do crazy!

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