VDOT tracking snowplows via GPS, sharing their position.

Chicago recently announced that they’d be sharing the GPS-tracked positions of snowplows online, for people wondering when their neighborhood would be plowed, and what roads are cleared. Now VDOT is doing the same in Virginia, although only upstate. 

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4 replies on “VDOT tracking snowplows via GPS, sharing their position.”

  1. Seems only prudent to start out with a test run in a specific region before going statewide. Hope it works.

  2. I believe Jones’ Second Law of Inconvenience states that if you ARE prepared for something, it won’t happen (ex.: the one day you bring your umbrella, of course it’s sunny).

    QED, I am dismayed to learn that we won’t get a good snow this year.

  3. This should be neat.. Now just let it snow… I have relatives that live in Northern Va.. Kinda neat to watch this to see our tax dollars at work. One thing I did was back in the days of the sniper was watch the web cams and see how the traffic was backed up. Now bet people didn’t think of that.

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