Links for June 7th

  • Chris Frashure: Virgil Goode Running for President?
    Remember when Goode was a Democrat? Remember when he was an independent? Remember when he was a Republican? Well, now he's a member of the Constitution Party, and he wants to run for president. This should be hilarious.
  • ThinkProgress: Herman Cain Pledges Not To Sign Any Bill Longer Than Three Pages
    What a dope. His own restaurant's menu is too long to pass his test. I'll warrant this man's never read a bill in his life—he just pulled an arbitrary length out of his ass. Government is complicated. It's hard to run a country. Anybody who tells you otherwise is lying or a fool.
  • UChicago News: Psychologist shows why we “choke” under pressure – and how to avoid it
    "In one study, researchers gave standardized tests to black and white students, both before and after President Obama was elected. Black test takers performed worse than white test takers before the election. Immediately after Obama's election, however, blacks' performance improved so much that their scores were nearly equal with whites. When black students can overcome the worries brought on by stereotypes, because they see someone like President Obama who directly counters myths about racial variation in intelligence, their performance improves." Whoa.

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7 replies on “Links for June 7th”

  1. If Virgil Goode runs, he should choose the former Governor or Minnesota as his running mate on the Goode and Pawlenty ticket. (Say it fast.)

  2. Nice response cvllelaw, funny…

    While Cain and the specifics of his silly cut-off of 3 pages eludes me, I confess I do sympathize with trying to simplify bills so they focus on one topic. What is good for the people should be pretty tightly focused and non-partisan… sadly too many bills carry so many riders that some parts are always objectionable to someone, somewhere… That part (not the complexity of the bill itself, but the complexity of all the unrelated riders) is annoying and I can see where it is getting to be a challenge to read through.

  3. I’m with you there, Scott. It may even be logical to limit bills to a particular length (though I personally believe it’s a terrible idea), but that limit would certainly not be three pages!

  4. Three pages is a it sparse, but I respect where he is going with the idea. The real aim, as Scott points out, is to eliminate unrelated provisions in the law. A succinct law has many cost saving side effects but I imagine you could stuff a lot of pork into three pages even.

    One less person to vote for omnibus spending bills is a good thing.

  5. “Remember when Goode was a Democrat? Remember when he was an independent? Remember when he was a Republican? Well, now he’s a member of the Constitution Party”

    He’s been a Virgilcrat the whole time. Consumate political oportunist, but he comes by it honestly. His father was the same way. The story goes that the senior Goode was caught with Nixon AND Wallace AND Humphrey yard signs and bumper stickers in his car trunck in 1968. “I’m just giving the people what they want,” he reportedly replied.

  6. One sage observer once told me, “Virgil is in the Party of Virgil.” No one in the General Assembly relied on him for anything.

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