links for 2010-11-05

  • The Virginia Public Access Project is going to do their damnedest to track the redistricting process during this year's General Assembly session, which gets underway in January. So much of it bound to take place behind closed doors that it'll be tough for them to do, but when proposals are released, it's my hope that VPAP will be able to translate those into accessible maps pretty quickly, so that we can all understand what the implementation of those proposals will look like.
  • I think that Reddit has a really admirable community—I've been a member for three years now, and quite like how people treat each other there. This one thread from a larger discussion is a pretty good (and funny) example of that.
  • This Republican urban-legend-as-story is just fascinating. The entirety of the conservative echo chamber parroted this story mindlessly—everybody from Rush Limbaugh to Rep. Michele Bachmann—without every bothering to verify, consider the course, or even do the *math* about the utterly absurd notion that the White House could spend $200M a day on a trip. Instead they trumpeted the story, one that not only do I feel confident they won't spend as much time apologizing for, but I'd put money on the fact that some of these very folks will just claim there's been a huge cover-up. This is a perfect, shining example of the horseshit pedaled by these lowest-common-denominator professional bloviators, and here Anderson Cooper does a good job of highlighting the absurdity of the whole affair.
  • This September radio interview with then-candidate Christine O'Donnell is pretty amazing. It's just a train wreck. The host is a supporter—he actually endorsed her in her prior race—who is just asking some simple factual questions about her biography and her campaign. It's a bit shocking that anybody in Delaware with any real knowledge of this race supported this woman.
  • A civil war is brewing in the Republican Party. It's going to be ugly.
  • Jim Bacon points out that House Republican leadership's "Pledge to America" promises spending cuts that are scarcely more ambitious than President Obama's own promised spending cuts.

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11 replies on “links for 2010-11-05”

  1. The most frustrating thing about the $200 million/day trip myth is that this will just end up joining the foreign born/Muslim/evil/socialist myths. For the next six years (yeah you heard me), we will have to deal with comments from mainstream conservative pundits and candidates that drip in the veiled or upfront attacks on the President on these issues. I would love to see whether Boehner or McConnell first uses the words “wasteful travel expenses” in a discussion on their planned budget cuts.

  2. Minnesota Barbie angling for leadership, CEO Dick Armey (R – FreedomWorks Inc) demanding the repeal of health care reform, and you’re sharing a fightin’hole with Chin-less McConnell and metrosexual Canter? No wonder John Boehner was sobbing like a little girl at his victory party! He’s doomed.

  3. With regards to the VPAP project, you know what we need in Virginia?

    A Virginia-centric version of this where you can upload your districts, not matter how wild or sane the lines are.

    Just a thought (because I certainly don’t have the ability to do this). But with access to all sorts of demographic information, how hard could this possibly be?

  4. It will be interesting to see how transparent VPAP can make the redistricting process. The real decisions are made inside closed caucus offices out of sight of the press or the public.

  5. I know, right? There is just so much information, and for us political junkies, so much “fun.” :-)

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