“Geographically Inclusive State Song of Virginia”

This is Randolph Walker’s “Geographically Inclusive State Song of Virginia,” since the state lacks a song right now.

Hey, it’s better than most of the crap other people have proposed.

      This was our last state song
. It’s amazing that it remained the state song as long as it did.

(Via Craig Fifer)

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17 replies on ““Geographically Inclusive State Song of Virginia””

  1. take my word.. this is bad… I’m sure the gentlemen does other songs justice but this is ….bad….

  2. yeah… they’re all pretty much wretched… what we might need to do is offer a couple hundred thousand dollars and get some serious song writers in the competition but no awarding until we get the right one.

  3. Sarah White keeps lobbying for the Carter Family’s “Longing for Old Virginia” … having heard her perform it a few times (usually under the Acorn Sisters moniker), I gotta admit, I’m sold.

  4. We saw you on tv this morning, Waldo. Please accept my sincere condolences for the loss of your friend, and thanks for having the courage to speak up.

  5. I’m a huge fan of Eddie From Ohio’s “Old Dominion.” Ignore the obnoxious lip dubbing video that goes along with it, it’s the first clip on YouTube I could find with an album-quality soundtrack.


    It kind of ribs on Colorado there for a bit, but actually I think it’d be fairly fitting for Virginia to have an official state song that trash talks other states. Only most of the trash-talking Virginians I know would probably prefer it was making fun of California, New York or possibly Maryland.

  6. Waldo: that moth you took a picture of (in the header… on Flickr) looks remarkably like an emperor gum moth. Which is weird because I’m not sure they’re supposed to be outside of Australia/NZ:


    So it’s gotta be something that mimics it. I just can’t believe that it’s NOT it. Weird. I’ll keep peeking around.

  7. That was awful, and I agree with Steve Vaughan. Sweet Virginia Breeze is a terrific song, and it references the state tree, flower, bird, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and so on.

    The only knocks on it (politically) that I can think of is that it doesn’t mention the beach, and it hints at a creator God. I’m sure that invalidates it with quite a few uptight people.

  8. well.. that particular rendition of it is less than wonderful…. but I think the lyrics would have a wider appeal than the ones that tend towards ‘old Va’.

    We are a very diverse state – not only geographically but culturally and the more that gets addressed, the wider the appeal.

    We need a song equivalent to “Virginia is for Lovers” – one that is upbeat, transcends the cultures but toe-tapping.. one that can be played by a wide variety of talent and instruments and has sing-along toe-tapping appeal.

    Someone gin that up okay? :-)

  9. I’ve never learned to ID butterflies or moths—save for the small amount that I had to learn for my entomology class at Tech :)—so the polyphemus moth is news to me! Thanks for that, Michael.

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