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  • This is a great little service: provide it with an image, and this search engine will tell you everywhere on the web where that image also appears. It can even find resized, recolored, and recropped versions, although within limits, of course.
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  • I've long regarded concerns about genetically modified foods as being right up there with people convinced that vaccines "were whut killed our Lord" (or whatever), since there hasn't been a lick of evidence that there's anything harmful about it. But here's a study that involved feeding rats a diet of Monsanto GM corn for ninety days, and the result was significant kidney and liver toxicity. This is only correlative—the authors don't know what the mechanism is for the health problems, but they speculate that it could be the GM corn itself, or it could be the Roundup-brand pesticides that are inherently used on Monsanto GM seeds. The latter seems a great deal more likely to me, but I sure intend to keep an eye on future studies on this topic.

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  1. Please keep us informed on follow-up studies on the GM stuff! I’m with you on the logic that GM is not inherently unhealthy or bad. As a matter of fact it’s just like selective breeding or hybridizing crops, which has been going on since way before we knew what a gene was. But if facts prove or at least make it likely that GM is unhealthy, I’m ready to change my opinion and my buying habits accordingly!

  2. The concerns over genetically modified foods are more than just health concerns; for instance, the fact that a company like Monsanto can copyright a particular type of GM’d corn, and then sue small farms near theirs whose crops get naturally cross-pollinated with the copyright corn genes…

    I mean, that’s just the one example that sticks out in my mind. As I understand it, there’s a long, long list of complaints about the practice of genetically modified food, and more than a few of them seem like real, valid concerns.

  3. Hey James, I think thats exactly what I was looking into when I got interested in this. Do you have any good links concerning those Monsanto copyright lawsuits? The way I heard it was they sold a crop to a third world country and then sued the farmers when they tried to reproduce future generations. However, I couldn’t quite find that online and am thinking it got the telephone game treatment.

  4. I have a friend who is not only allergic to corn, but also corn-fed chickens and cows, and their respective eggs and milk. It’s gotta be the GM corn or the concomitant pesticides. (He hasn’t experimented with organic heirloom corn, but I’d love to know the results.)

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