The latest in a series of random guys is running against Perriello.

Another week, another random Republican running against Perriello. The 5CD Republican Party is a mess. The candidate, Ron Ferrin, says he looked at the comically crowded field and thought “I felt I could do better.” He has a wonderfully awful website (check out that domain name) that was probably really great in 1997, has an apparently abandoned blog, and a campaign website that he thinks is so important that HE SAYS STUFF IN ALL CAPS WITH LOTS OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!! How do we know he’s serious about this race? Because he ripped of his campaign plan directly from Sean Hannity.

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7 replies on “The latest in a series of random guys is running against Perriello.”

  1. That is a *terrifyingly* awful website. What’s worse is that the host seems to have started in 2003, which is an awfully late date for a site that offers “personal” websites made from templates. (Site was not properly indexed prior to 2006.) Plus, it has security holes in the CGI scripts, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

  2. Robert Hurt. I worry about Robert Hurt. My wife is a supper liberal, but evidently completely charmed by this guy. Evidently he is really “hot”.

    Hurt is in the race and Tom is in for tough a time of it.

  3. As someone that volunteered for Tom’s race last year, I want to see a good race. I want to see democracy happen. As much as I don’t agree with the Republican party’s ideas, I do want to see both parties be strong.

  4. JS-
    In all sincerity, did you mean to type “super liberal,” or is a “supper liberal” some useful designation that I was previously unaware of (along the lines of a “fair-weather friend”)?

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