Perriello challenger Rees just got convicted on a guns charge.

Bradley Rees, Republican challenger to Rep. Tom Perriello, has been convicted on a concealed-weapons charge, Ray Reed writes for the News & Advance. He had two hanguns—a .380 and a .45—concealed in his car, which concerned police when they pulled him over for driving with an expired inspection rejection sticker.

Rees is just thick with excuses: he was going to take a gun safety course, and then he could have applied for a concealed-weapons permit; the stupid ol’ boss made him work on the last two days that the course was held, so he couldn’t go; his car only failed inspection because the brakes didn’t work and he didn’t have a taillight, but he’d gotten the brakes fixed and he was totally on his way to get a light bulb right when he got pulled over, man! He all but waggled his eyebrows at the police officer.

I adore this guy. He’s actually proud that he’s totally unqualified to serve in congress. He’s like our very own Joe the Plumber. As I’ve said, I’m looking forward to his candidacy like Jon Stewart looks forward to a Sarah Palin candidacy.

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5 replies on “Perriello challenger Rees just got convicted on a guns charge.”

  1. I understand this guy was completely in the wrong and was fined, but I don’t understand why the State got to keep the pistols. It is still legal for the guy to own them, just not conceal them. Am I missing something?

  2. The law requires the state to keep the weapons — it happened once to an out of state friend of mine who was carrying a switchblade knife when he was stopped by a campus police officer for being drunk in public. If the police discover an unlawfully carried concealed weapon, they have to confiscate it, and it’s forfeited to the Commonwealth.

    Looking back through the application information for concealed carry permits, it’s apparently part of Virginia Code 18.2-308.

  3. Why does this guy remind me of that Republican-nominated candidate for City Council a few years ago: Kenneth “Stabby” Jackson?

  4. If it wasn’t for bad luck he wouldn’t have no luck at all. Maybe that will be the kind of luck he will have getting the Republican nomination

  5. I can understand thinking that having a weapon openly on the floor of the car might be legally considered unconcealed. But in the glove box? This guy is too dumb to be carrying firearms around at all.

    Im in germany right now (cant find the half quotes on this stupid germann keyboard) and someone heard I was an American last night and asked me, half-jokingly, how many guns I have. I thought about it for a moment and then said “Actually Ive sort of lost count.”

    I think he thought I was kidding, which of course I wasnt.

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