Goode raises $154.

Virgil Goode reports having raised a whopping $154 in the latest filing period, Brian McNeill reports for the Daily Progress. Goode has filed to run for his old seat, but he won’t commit to actually doing it. At this point it seems pretty unlikely.

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2 replies on “Goode raises $154.”

  1. I’m still guessing he runs.

    My guess is that most people don’t want to donate to someone who hasn’t truly announced yet. Once he announces, his fundraising will tick up. I can’t see a reason for him at this point NOT to run.

  2. Meri — I don’t think that’s the way it works. Candidates basically go after potential donors from easiest to hardest; they start by asking people they know well (friends, close associates, etc.) and work outward from there. Soliciting from strangers through you website or calling from a list is far down the line. If he’s only raised $154, it doesn’t mean donors are waiting for an announcement, it means he’s not asking that close-in circle of potential donors.

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