Werkheiser challenging Albo again.

Greg Werkheiser has announced, as expected, that he’ll be challenging Del. Dave Albo again. He ran against Albo in 2005, losing 48/52. But Albo’s the last man standing upstate; it’s Democratic territory now. It seems inevitable that the House Democratic Caucus and DPVA will pick this as one of the races they’ll want to target in order to take the majority in the Republican-led chamber this time around.

Albo had $43k on hand as of last July; unless he’s done some serious fundraising since then, he doesn’t have much of a lead. On the other hand, Albo is Morgan Griffith’s boss. I have to suspect that will help with his fundraising. And, of course, Republicans need to defend the same seats that Democrats are determined to flip, so Albo may well be the beneficiary of money from across the state. Unless the Republicans decide to abandon his seat (which I’d do if I were in their shoes), this could well be the state’s most expensive race this year.

Published by Waldo Jaquith

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