Morgan Griffith joins Albo’s law firm.

Well, ain’t this interesting?

H. Morgan Griffith has joined the law firm Albo & Oblon, L.L.P. as a Partner. He will be Partner-in-Charge of the firm’s new Roanoke/Salem office. Initially, he will be one of two lawyers at that office. He will continue his practice of criminal and civil litigation.

That’s from a press release put out by the firm. Albo & Oblon quietly made it known that they’re planning a big expansion earlier this year, by way of a want ad, planning to open four new offices and doubling the size of the firm in just a year’s time. This Roanoke office is one of those four offices. The hire isn’t unusual, in terms of qualifications: Albo’s is an upstate law firm specializes in getting rich guys off of DUI charges, while Griffith’s law firm specializes (well, specalized) in the same thing in Salem.

The particularly interesting thing here is how it turns a bit of the hierarchy of the house Republicans on its ear. Del. Morgan Griffith is the majority leader, while Del. Dave Albo is just a rank-and-file member (albeit chair of courts of justice). Albo will be Griffith’s boss ten months out of the year, but two months out of the year that role will be reversed. Albo’s position is superior to Griffith’s, and I’m intrigued by the notion that it could affect their relationship and, consequently, the dynamics of the General Assembly. Albo is a far less competent legislator than Griffith, so if this means that Griffith will be drawn closer to Albo, rather than vice versa, I regard this as good news.

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  1. “they provide flexibility to its
    lawyers who are also elected officials, so that we [Morgan Griffith] can properly serve our communities in addition to practicing law.”

    Translation: Dave Albo saved Morgan Griffith from the cheese line.

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