Wyatt Durrette on House Republicans’ tone deafness.

Republican and former candidate for Virginia governor Wyatt Durrette is puzzling over the tone deafness of House Republicans, looking specifically at their deeply foolish move of holding a 7:00 AM subcommittee meeting on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday to kill two “good government” bills that have broad public support. House Republicans might have wised up on providing video of their sessions and recording their subcommittee votes, but they’re apparently just going through the motions. Y’all have heard me prattle on about this for years, but it’s nice to see somebody like Durrette write about this from a fresh perspective.

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3 replies on “Wyatt Durrette on House Republicans’ tone deafness.”

  1. Does that make the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board “tone deaf” and “uniquely foolish” for starting (as it did in November) a hearing in one of my cases on Veteran’s Day?

  2. Mr. Young adopts a clever but transparent tactic. If you cannot comment intelligently on the message, attack the messenger in the hopes that your spear will pierce the message as well. Go for it!!

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