Del. Marshall explains the constitutional exception to bill limits.

This was the first year in which the House of Delegates has had a self-imposed 15-bills-per-person limit. So while in 2008 there were 2,234 bills introduced, that dropped to 1,774 this year (and that includes bills carried over from the prior session), a 21% reduction. But the limit isn’t really 15—it’s possible to introduce more. […]

The RPV is distancing themselves from Crabill.

It’s been many weeks since it became clear that 9th HoD candidate Catherine Crabill is a dangerous right-wing kook. You’ll recall that she believes that the government is responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing (Tim McVeigh was set up, apparently), and threatened to overthrow the government by force if she and her fellow Republicans fail […]

Republicans are lining up up to run for Saxman’s seat.

Eight Republicans want the nomination to replace Chris Saxman in the HoD race in the Valley. Those eight—all men (and I’d bet cash they’re all white): Dickie Bell, John Beghtol, Charles Curry, Christopher DeWald, Ray Ergenbright, Cliff Fretwell, Charles Hawkins, and David Karaffa. I’m torn on what to make of the large number of candidates. […]

Del. Saxman’s very complete campaign finance filing.

Del. Chris Saxman (R-Staunton) is doing something impressive—he’s reporting every single contribution he receives, including $1 from one Richard A. Hotz. (I see that NBC-29 weatherman Eric Pritchett contributed $50.) Under Virginia campaign finance law, the only contributions that need to be reported are those that exceed $100, though a contribution of any size may […]

The widening Republican rift on display in the House.

Two data points: 1. Del. Clarke Hogan unloaded on Del. Bob Marshall earlier this week, calling him “a piece of shit” after Marshall confronted Hogan for his refusal to support his commendation honoring a man who died while saving his son from drowning. Obviously the bill was just a chit—Hogan surely doesn’t actually oppose the […]

Wyatt Durrette on House Republicans’ tone deafness.

Republican and former candidate for Virginia governor Wyatt Durrette is puzzling over the tone deafness of House Republicans, looking specifically at their deeply foolish move of holding a 7:00 AM subcommittee meeting on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday to kill two “good government” bills that have broad public support. House Republicans might have wised up […]

House facing 15 bill/delegate limitation.

Under new rules of the House of Delegates, effect come January’s session, they’ve limited their members to introducing 15 bills per person, 10 pre-filed and 5 after the session begins. Assuming that delegates remain within their self-enforced rules, compare last year’s 2,234 bills to a maximum of 1,500 this time around. That’s a 33% drop […]