Comparing Bowerbank and Wagner’s fundraising.

Lloyd Snook contrasts the campaign fundraising reports for two of the Democrats seeking the nomination for LG:

Jon Bowerbank’s campaign has taken in $604,403.64. Of that, $195,259.31 came as loans from himself. He gave his own campaign $170,500 in cash. He claimed in-kind contributions of $117,663.10 for himself, and $38,000.00 from his LLC. All told, at least $521,422.41 of his campaign funds — 86.27% — came from Jon Bowerbank.

(Emphasis mine.) Compare to fellow Democrat Jody Wagner, who has had 2% of her campaign funds come from herself, and that’s just a few in-kind contributions. She’s raised $390k from 338 people, while most Bowerbank’s small number of contributors are his employees and their spouses. I’ve never met either of these candidates, I couldn’t tell you where either one stands on a thing, and I’ve got no skin in the game, but this leaves me feeling pretty strongly that Jody Wagner’s got some real legitimacy that Jon Bowerbank lacks.

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