Lt. Gov. candidate forum on Wednesday night.

Left of Center is holding a lieutenant governor candidates forum at Rapture, in Charlottesville, on Wednesday. Mike Signer will be there, with Jon Bowerbank and Jody Wagner’s campaigns sending representatives. Come on out from 7:00 PM—8:30 PM, hear what the campaigns have to say, learn how to get involved, and hoist a beer with some […]

Bowerbank’s campaign is raking in the big bucks.

Jon Bowerbank has out-raised all of his competition for Lieutenant Governor, and by a long shot—$500k to Jody Wagner’s $400k! Sweet Jesus! That’s amazing! It sounds like everybody should just drop out of the race. What’s that now? He what? He gave himself that money? Well, that can’t be true. Check out the press release […]

Poll puts Deeds at top among 18-29 year olds.

Public Policy Polling has a new poll in the statewide primaries. (FWIW, don’t recognize this outfit’s name.) They’ve got Brian Moran at 22%, Terry McAuliffe at 18%, and Sen. Creigh Deeds at 15%, all in a 3.6% MoE. The interesting bits are that McAuliffe maintains a huge level of unfavorable ratings (29% to Moran’s 15% […]

Comparing Bowerbank and Wagner’s fundraising.

Lloyd Snook contrasts the campaign fundraising reports for two of the Democrats seeking the nomination for LG: Jon Bowerbank’s campaign has taken in $604,403.64. Of that, $195,259.31 came as loans from himself. He gave his own campaign $170,500 in cash. He claimed in-kind contributions of $117,663.10 for himself, and $38,000.00 from his LLC. All told, […]

Cranwell won’t run for LG.

Dickie Cranwell won’t seek the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor after all, Michael Sluss writes in the Roanoke Times today. Jody Wagner and Jon Bowerbank are both already in the race. I haven’t understand what slice of the Democratic electorate that Cranwell was hoping to get—that is, what his path to victory would be. Maybe […]

Lloyd: Should Spruill be paid extra to do his job?

Lloyd Snook is also concerned about Democrats paying Del. Lionell Spruill, though for some different (and most strongly-worded) reasons than I: I also noticed something else as I was poking around today — Spruill is listed as Vice Chair of the Minority Caucus for Outreach. Of course, Brian Moran is the Chair of the Minority […]

Democrats’ curious payments to Lionell Spruill.

I don’t know what the deal is with both Jon Bowerbank and Del. Brian Moran hiring Del. Lionell Spruill to “get out of the vote,” but it sure seems iffy. It might be street money, it might be a straight-up quid pro quo, or it might be that Del. Spruill is such a brilliant networker […]