Lloyd: Should Spruill be paid extra to do his job?

Lloyd Snook is also concerned about Democrats paying Del. Lionell Spruill, though for some different (and most strongly-worded) reasons than I:

I also noticed something else as I was poking around today — Spruill is listed as Vice Chair of the Minority Caucus for Outreach. Of course, Brian Moran is the Chair of the Minority Caucus. So the Democratic Party has already given Lionel Spruill a position of leadership, specifically for “outreach.” Shouldn’t his outreach efforts be on behalf of the Party, rather than on behalf of individual candidates?

Then I see today that Creigh Deeds has been endorsed by Senator Henry Marsh and a number of other African-American leaders in Richmond — and I read that Jody Wagner has good support in the African-American community, and it leads me to think:

Are Brian Moran and Jon Bowerbank renting Lionel Spruill because they have no other clue how to penetrate the African-American community?

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2 replies on “Lloyd: Should Spruill be paid extra to do his job?”

  1. I have to say, I’ve been pretty generous about giving the benefit of the doubt to Del. Spruill up to this point. But the guy’s starting to develop a reputation, and it’s surprising that he’s getting caught in this sort of financial relationship for the second time in this primary season after all the questions that were raised the first time the issue was raised with Moran.

    You get caught doing something like this once, it smells of ignorance with a whiff of bad judgement. You get caught doing something like this twice, and it reeks to high heaven of arrogance. Like, why should anyone give a damn what the rest of us out here in the grassroots think, so long as Spruill gets his, and Moran and Bowerback each get theirs?

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