A Goode imponderable.

I wonder what happened to that investigation that Virgil Goode was going to launch into his Danville office staff yesterday. How did it go? We’ll be getting the results of that soon, right?

My guess: He wasn’t banking on a recount. If he lost, nobody would care. If he won, he could pull a Schwarzenegger and declare that “the people have spoken” and skip the investigation. Now he’s got to actually do it.

Here’s a plum assignment for reporters: ask Goode how that investigation went yesterday. Press him for a date when he’ll announce results. No matter his answer, print it, and then hold him to it when that date arrives.

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One reply on “A Goode imponderable.”

  1. While we are at it, we can go looking for the NAU (huh?) and the NAFTA Superhighway (vrooooom).

    I would hazard a guess that the 110th congress version of HR 40 will not be reintroduced.

    Now all we need is the sentencing of Mitchell Wade, and we’re all set!

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