Goode doesn’t know who’s throwing his fundraiser.

From the “WTF” files, Sarah Arkin writes for the Register Bee that Rep. Virgil Goode has no idea who is hosting a $500/plate fundraising dinner for him upstate, on Thursday. (Hint: It’s a lobbying firm.) Could he really be that clueless, and confess his cluelessness to a reporter? Or is this a they can’t buy influence if I don’t know who they are put-on? I could also have done without his reference to September 11th victims being “totally cooked,” but in the annals of dumb things Goode has said, that’s pretty low on the list.

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  1. VSA has many clients, among them Virginia Tech Intelligent Property. If he really has no idea, which I find hard to believe, then once again, is he too dense to be a Congressman? First he didn’t know nearly $100k was from straw donations, now he doesn’t know who raises money for him.

    Can you say Madeline Abbitt? Is the mayor’s wife helping Virgil?

    Client List

  2. Aside from the VA Air and Space Center and VT, NiSource (the big gas conglomerate) stuck out as a company who does business here in Virginia, though I am not sure how much they do in the Fifth.

    It is a shame that these Congressmen have to devote so much time to raising money. To me, this is the real story: How much of our Representatives’ time is devoted to serving the citizen and how much is devoted to getting re-elected/fund raising?

    If we limited non-statewide campaigns to ninety days and provided a series of debates, while requiring equal media time for all candidates, we could cut out a great deal of influence by the various lobbying outfits. Eliminating PAC money would be a good first step and requiring donors to actually be full time residents of the District would be another.

    We need to create ways to minimize the influences of corporations and enhance the influence of the citizens.

  3. I would argue that Virgil’s complaint about out of state donors to Tom’s campaign, doesn’t make sense. Donors could be friends or relatives of the candidate. They could also know Virgil Goode through his outrageous statements over the years, and his ‘anchor baby’ remarks last Wednesday.

    I would imagine there are a lot of people all over the country ready to see Virgil go home, and a Congressman of integrity and hard work get the job. I am not interested in re-hiring Virgil Goode.

  4. Mark, you are exactly right – Goode’s rep extends nationwide. An acquaintance from California recently asked me about him, not being able to name a single other Virginia U.S. Rep. I often wonder how Southside bizdev people explain him to industry prospects.

  5. The ‘totally cooked’ comment shows a profound lack of human empathy, for the victims or their families. Or for anyone hearing/reading that comment who has any sensitivity whatsoever to other human beings. God, that man is awful.

  6. Getting Bounced from Virgil’s 9/11 Party:

    A couple of us tried to pay-to-play and join with Virgil in his 9/11 corporate fundraiser across the street from the US Capitol.

    Unfortunately, while Goode is willing to advertise his seat on the Appropriations Committee to corporate special interests and PACs, he isn’t interested in hearing the voice of one concerned citizen who tried to attend for $20.

    The Appropriations Committee seat “Irrelevant?” Hardly. See for yourself.

  7. I don’t care if Mother Theresa was having it for him. It was HIS decision to attend a fund raising PARTY ($500 – $2500 per plate) on 9/11. GOODE IS UNPATRIOTIC AND SELFISH. HE HAS 365 DAYS OUT OF THE YEAR TO HAVE A FUND RAISER…. 9/11 is a sacred day in America. It is to remember our fallen heroes and victims of the terrorist attacks on AMERICA. shameongoode dot com

  8. I’d be lying if I said that I thought there was anything at all with holding a fundraiser on September 11th. There’s certainly nothing unpatriotic or selfish about it—it’s an election year, September 11th was less than sixty days away from the vote, and if there’s understood to be any sort of a moratorium on fundraising that day, this is the first that I’ve heard about it. There are good reasons why this fundraiser was sketchy, but this isn’t one of them.

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