Now it’s real.

The First Time Writing It

One week after the big day itself, I had to record it for the first time today, while getting on the exercise bike at the gym: I’m 30.

The next number I had to type in—my weight—has been a constant 176 for many months now. As increasing numbers go, I’ll take age over weight.

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5 replies on “Now it’s real.”

  1. Right behind you, Waldo. I have exactly one month from today to enjoy the rest of my 20s. Things I “need” to do in the next month:

    1) backpack across Europe
    2) get engaged and married
    3) direct or produce my first feature film with a wide theatrical release
    4) experiment with hard drugs and do a kegstand.

  2. Happy belated, Waldo.

    I’m about seven months behind you. My “Before 30” list is pretty long, but not quite as entertaining at Finnegan’s.

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